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Site Survey

Once we’ve discussed what you are looking for in a sign regarding the size, type, and placement, we do a site survey of the desired location. Completing a comprehensive site and sign survey is vital to a successful project completion. Each township has its own unique codes and we will research all legalities regardless of the municipality. You can rest assured that all the code compliance, documentation and specifications are correct, avoiding expensive mistakes.
  • Best location for visibility of the sign
  • Site lines and building construction
  • Best method of attachment for sign
  • How to get electrical into the building
  • Any utilities around the building

Permits & Locates

Business Owners realize the power of a good sign & how your sign may be the most important element of your entire corporate identity. You might not realize it, but most signs require sign permits.  Before you head to the manufacturer with your design specifications, it may be time to check your local zoning laws. Many cities and suburbs have sign ordinances that restrict the size, location and sometimes the lighting and type of sign used. Landlords may also impose their own restrictions; these are likely to be most stringent in a mall. To avoid costly mistakes, be sure to check regulations and secure the written approval of your landlord before you invest in a sign.
Our permitting team reviews the by-law requirements for each city or municipality at the beginning of appropriate projects. This preliminary step of analyzing site requirements guarantees that appropriate signage is proposed and designed and that they can be easily permitted. Our permit specialists are well educated in the process required to prepare and submit permit applications to the appropriate authority once a project has been approved by our client. They work closely with our engineering team to make sure appropriate drawings, elevations and site plans are submitted so each project moves through the regional permit office smoothly and efficiently. When special requirements are dictated by site challenges or desired sign locations, our team is prepared to represent our clients when obtaining variances for special permits.

Project Management

At Elevated Signs, our turnkey management approach to signage means that we handle every aspect of the signage process on your behalf—from discussing and refining your vision, to researching materials and permitting, to designing, producing and installing your new sign. Our team monitors each project as it advances through the process & analyzes for risk assessments to identify potential problems before they occur and suggest solutions to overcome unforeseen circumstances. Our expertise in all phases of project management and custom sign fabrication allows you to proceed with confidence, knowing that our experienced team is here to handle any challenges and answer any questions.


We not only take care of your design requirements and make sure you receive a high-quality manufactured, competitively priced sign, but also ensure that it is properly installed according to municipal by-laws. The most attractive and original custom signage, of course, will not serve its purpose unless it is properly sited, professionally installed and, if required, wired for illumination. Proper installation of your signage is a critical step in the completion of your project. For us it is a priority. We work with experienced supervisors and crews and the utilize the most modern equipment & practice the highest standard of safety & professionalism while on site.

Other Values We Add